Steps for Buying or Selling a Property in Spain

Real Estate JS Homes helps you and supports you throughout the whole process of buying a property, so that the task becomes as simple and easy as possible. We also offer financial services to find the most favourable mortgage for your needs.

Simple steps for buying your home

Choose a property

Real Estate Trujillo has more than 20,000 properties in the real estate market on the Costa del Sol: Malaga, Mijas, Marbella, San Pedro Alcantara, Puerto Banus, Estepona, Manilva and Sotogrande. Our consultants will provide you with all the necessary information for each property and arrange viewings.
Once you have found the right property for you, all that is left is to put down the deposit and agree upon the specifics for signing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

Mortgage selection

Should you require a mortgage, Real Estate Trujillo will help you arrange it. For many years our mortgage department has helped many customers with their mortgage selection and has processed millions of euros, giving us extensive knowledge of the market and financial sector. We can help you find the best available lender for your needs.

Obtaining the Deed and Keys for your new property

Once our consultants have everything ready for the signing of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, we will proceed to make an appointment with the public notary to sign the final contract.

Prior to the signing, our specialists will make sure that there are no charges on the property or impediments to the final sale. Once the documents are signed, all you need to do is collect your keys!

Purchase costs:

Real Estate Js Homes

 will advise you and prepare an estimate of the additional costs associated with any sale in Spain, such as legal fees, etc., depending on whether it is the first or second purchase, the age of the buyer and the price of the property.


As a guideline, the additional expenses will include:

  • Notary Fees and Land Registry de la Notaría y el Registro de la Propiedad
  • VAT or capital transfers dependiendo si es primera o segunda transmisión, respectivamente.
  • Documented legal acts (only new developments)

Features that will sell your house


The location has a definite impact on the value of a property. A house located on a main road, normally sells for more money than if it were on a narrow street or in an area with heavy traffic. Buyers usually pay more for a house with good orientation and a garage included.


Newly built houses have an advantage over older ones because they are usually in perfect condition. Developers decorate their model homes with fashionable colours, decor and the latest inventions. But no matter how old your house is, we can teach you economical ways to make your home appear attractive to buyers. We can make a free assessment to help you put your home to its best look for the right price.


The faster you sell, the better. Statistics show that homes sell faster when they have the right price from day one. Houses that are priced above the market value will take longer to sell and, in the end, end up selling for less than they should. We can make a free assessment to help you put your home at the right price.


The agent you choose can dramatically change how quickly you sell your house, and the price that you sell for. The agents who succeed in the market know the market well and have very good contacts and buyers. They have a good reputation among the other agents, ensuring that your house will get maximum exposure in the market. They are proactive in their marketing efforts, and do not waste time.

They also have excellent standards of customer satisfaction in your area.